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Thomas Blake Law Office handles numerous family practice areas including: divorce, wills, change of name and power of attorney (financial and health care). Contact us for a free consultation.

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Divorce can be an emotional rollercoaster which can make decision making very difficult. You need the grounded leadership of a Sioux Falls family lawyer with a comprehensive knowledge of South Dakota family law to care for you, your family, and your future.

Whether or not your divorce is simple or complicated, Thomas A. Blake will provide the understanding and guidance required to navigate the legal issues surrounding your case. Thomas A. Blake Law Office will provide the understanding of your current needs and see that you are legally covered down the road.

A divorce or relationship break up can make a devastating financial impact on you. At Thomas A. Blake Law, we have filed over 6,750 successful bankruptcy cases since 1990. We have what it takes to help you navigate these turbulent financial waters and find solid ground again.

Contact us for compassionate, professional help when you need a Sioux Falls divorce attorney or family lawyer.

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  • Divorce

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  • Wills

  • Property division

  • Power of Attorney – Financial/Health

  • Name change

  • Financial burden that arises from divorce

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